This is the English version of these two Danish blogposts (Del din OneNote-notesbog and Så er der formler i OneNote!!).

I love OneNote, but my love has been challenged – luckily only for at short while.

Until now I have exported every page in both .one and .pdf-format and saved the files in the virtual class-folder (my school use a system called Fronter).

Instead I now share the notebook with my students. I gave them the share-link (view only) and told them to send me their O365-mail if they want to be able to open the notebook in OneNote (instead of the web-version). By now (three weeks later) all of them did.

And I love the fact, that I don’t need to (remember to) convert and upload files after every lesson.

When I prepare for a lesson, I don’t want the students to see my notes, so I made a prepare-section and protected it with a password. Right-click at the section and choose Protect this section with a password.
Whenever a lesson starts, I move the notes to the current section, so the students can see it.

Until now, my biggest problem was the fact, that it was impossible for Mac- and web-users to se equations – and I have quite a lot of them in my notebooks.

I temporarily solved the problem with my own solution (1) og (2) a little trick a collegue sent me:

  1. Draw all equations with the handwriting tool. It’s simple if you have a pen-mouse (and I do!)
  2. After writing an equation cut it (Ctrl+X) and paste it (Ctrl+V). When you paste it click on the Ctrl-icon appearing next to the pasted equation (1) and choose to paste it as an image (2). It should solve the problem, but now you can’t edit the equation.

But it was to big a job to check all my earlier made pages, so I was very happy to recieve this tweet the other day:

In short the good news is this:

And I am happy – even though I haven’t had the chance to test it with one of my Mac-students.

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