Jeg faldt over denne YouTube-video med nogle interessante påstande om undervisningens udvikling.

Har han ret? Måske. Men jeg synes i hvert fald han siger noget vigtigt til sidst i videoen (efter 5:50 minutter):

Luckily the fundamental role of a teacher is not to deliver information. It is to guide the social process of learning. The job of a teacher is to inspire, to challenge, to excite their students to want to learn. Yes they also do explain and demonstrate and show things, but fundamentally that is beside the point. The most important thing a teacher does is make every student feel like they are important, to make them feel accountable for doing the work of learning.

og til sidst

(…) making a learner think seems best achieved in a social environment with other learners and a caring teacher.

God påske!

Hvad synes du om indlægget?